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Dongguan Jiang Xing industrial co., LTD. Is a collection of r &d, sales: environmental protection water curing agent, crosslinking agent, curing agent series products is a body comprehensive enterprise. With the improvement of industry of environmental protection consciousness and the growing importance of sustainable development, also to adapt to the new situation of energy saving and emission reduction. With our research and development, environmental protection, economic and practical curing agent product as the guidance, the waterborne curing agents to provide clients with good performance, waterborne curing agent, crosslinking agent, water respectively under normal temperature, closure-oriented two series such as a variety of models of one-component, two-component products. Products with excellent performance, can be applied to a variety of production process and multiple industries added as additives used to improve the performance of products. For example: environmental protection water-based paint, furniture, wallpaper, building decoration, textile, leather, paint coating, printing ink, glue, paint, water-based adhesive (laminating adhesive, non-woven fabric, sponge, underwear glue), waterborne wood coatings, floor paint, water-based polyurethane floor coating and other industries.
We are always adhering to the product of environmental protection, economy, practical oriented. People-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win results, pay attention to efficiency, sustainable development, has been the company's business philosophy and cultural purposes.
Dongguan Jiang Xing industrial co., LTD. From beginning to end is inseparable from the development of customer friend's support and attention for a long time. We always adhere to the mutually beneficial and win-win with customers and common development, and try our best to provide customers with good product quality and performance and good service.